Side-gigs are more than a state of mind, Side-gigs are future security against change.

  • The world has changed. We’re at the mercy of changing technologies, fickle employers, automations and offshoring.
  • Job opportunities are scarce & super competitive, incomes are flat, housing & costs-of-living have risen significantly, and average job tenure is just 3.3 years. Job security is a thing of the past.
  • Side Gigs and Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) are your way out, to take control, to empower yourself & to secure your financial future.

It’s up to you, and you need a plan.

Enduring SME Success comes from:

1.    Time Management (Prioritising)

2.    Talent Management (Intersections)

3.    Self-Actualisation (Purpose Alignment)

Success is the Intersection of talents driven by purpose.

Steve Jobs wasn’t brilliant at any one thing.  His greatness came from his intersection of being good at design and being good at technology.  That intersection became Apple; driven by his purpose to change the world. …He did.

Side Gigs are where SME begins, and every single person should have a scalable side-gig.

  • Aged 25-35 Ambitious?  Success comes from your intersection of talents.  Get them in play.
  • Aged 35-45 When the corporate ladder collapses.  That’s where your side-gig to SME begins.
  • Aged 15-95 Self-actualisation (Purpose Alignment) is the key to side-gig and SME success.

In his new book “The Man with a Plan” Dr Enticott explains how every person who cares about their future financial security & that of their loved ones, can build a safety net and future wealth stream.

Our 5-step process to Side-gig to SME business success

  1. Read the book “The Man with a Plan”
  2. Subscribe to our services ($0, $30,or $95 plans)
  3. Embark on our “Rapid Start Plans” (Marketing, Business, Financial)
  4. Critical Purpose Alignment (Group facilitation or 1:1)
  5. Join our Proven People Partnerships (a shark tank of clients collaborating on leveraged success)