I know about success: From a lower socio-economic upbringing into a financially-secure middle class, through a distressing divorce and towards a higher level of leveraged wealth.

I’m heading to the Ironman World Champs in October and have done a Doctorate in Finance despite being turfed out of Moorabbin Tech. College at age 15.

I also run an accounting practice, so I have seen and know a wide array of differing levels and types of success.

Dr Steven J. Enticott is the Senior Partner and founder (1999) of CIA Tax (www.ciatax.com.au), a personal tax-based business and investment practice based in Melbourne, Australia.

He is a fiercely independent, licensed financial advisor specialising in tax-effective investment.  He has a noteworthy academic background in related fields (comprising a doctorate, MBA and several diplomas) and a unique ability to communicate complex financial concepts in clear and practical ways that everyone can understand.

He practices what he preaches, investing in all things financial, and building businesses within finance, agriculture, and property.  Most importantly, he believes in investing in relationships with people, holding the core belief that you can go a long way on your own, but you can go much further as a team.

At the time of writing he has completed 14 Ironman triathlon races that consist of a 3.8 km open water swim followed by a 180 km cycle leg, finishing with a full 42.2 km marathon run; events that require a rare discipline of physical training and mental strengths.  Dr Enticott is also a sports chaplain to the Sandringham Zebras VFL Club.

His combined successes and broad finance-industry experience, with the academic rigour required for significant study in the field of finance, has successfully provided Dr Enticott with the critical qualities needed to effectively write about successful financial managements.

He is one of a few members of this industry who is able to provide holistic advice.