‘How to’ manuals help us get things right, whether it’s bringing home the latest Smart TV or knocking up a tree-house for the kids on a Saturday afternoon.  You can pretty much find one for every endeavour in life.

‘The Man with a Plan’, however, is much more powerful than a simple ‘how to’ guide for establishing a small business.

‘How to’ guides are essentially a set of instructions.  They assume we already have the conviction and confidence to take a journey of this significance in the first place and that we have the where-with-all, tenacity and resilience to confront and deal with every challenge by ourselves.

What Dr Enticott does within this book is provide us the insight and underlying introspect required to galvanise ourselves as armed and capable in both the mindset and strategic thinking essential to commercial success.

It brings to the fore a very powerful but often disregarded premise of success by anchoring us back to the power of our own intersecting talents.  It shatters the notion that we need to be a ‘world-beater’ to have any chance of success and reconnects us with the power within us all.

This realisation, in itself, is momentous for most of us mere mortals.  You don’t have to be a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates to be successful.  The key to this book is a powerful epiphany that dispels lingering doubts and empowers us with the self-assurance required to forge ahead under our own steam.

‘The Man with a Plan’ further bolsters this conviction by teaching us that we can’t nail the ‘how’ if we’re not fuelled by the ‘why’.  Dr Enticott steps us back to formulate our own, empowering core purpose for embarking upon the journey which, in turn, will serve as the rock-solid foundation upon which success grows.

The book recognises our changing world and both the need and growing inclination to take on some level of entrepreneurial ambition, be it small or large.  It uses the author’s very practical and real-world experience to help us shape an ideal framework for our business ambition.  It is full of ideas for getting ahead, teaches us the art of lateral and progressive thinking and navigates us away from many of the pitfalls of running a business.

I commend this book to anyone fostering any inclination to launch out on their own.  It will ensure that you have armed yourself with all the underlying attributes of personal and commercial success ahead of taking the plunge.  It will serve as a loyal companion to your thinking, how you structure the business, manage issues, attract opportunity and grow, nurture and protect a sustainable, profitable and enviable operation.

Peter Handberg – Advisor