A great summary on success, very insightful Dr Steve! I think you have nailed it. Our modern society sadly generally measures success by money only. Family, health and happiness are the key measures of success for me (we are all unique and have different drivers and values).

Smart choices, having passion, working hard, using our talents and having plans and goals provides us with the required money to enjoy the adventure and journey of life. The real pain and stresses (often measured by family, love and health) in life often occur when there is either excess or insufficient. The three biggest factors being time, money and health (exactly as you have said). (RW)


I consider myself really fortunate to be part of Professional Speakers Association (Australia) where I get to rub shoulders with internationally renowned leaders, coaches and speakers. Being in their proximity has made me admire people in business with the following three qualities:

  1. They walk their talk;
  2. They succeed in multiple ventures;
  3. They have a head on their shoulders and feet on the ground in spite of their success.

I can safely say Dr. Steven Enticott ticks all of the above.

I first met the author in one of his seminars back in 2015. After the event I went up to him to introduce myself and gave him a copy of my own book on business finance. Dr. Steve gracefully accepted it and in turn gave me a copy of his first major book Financial Distraction.

At that point I never thought Steve would actually read my book of financial jargons in simple lay terms as he is an accountant with over 20 years of experience serving thousands of clients — and on top of that he has a finance-based doctorate and backs up his words with real world action.

When I read this new book, it reminded me of the words of Steve Jobs, “Creativity is just connecting the seemingly unconnected.” For example, connecting telephone to camera, music player, email, Internet and so on gave birth to a great device called the Smart Phone. However, the question is, can we use our own creativities to introspect our talents and passions that might seem unconnected to find our own greatness?

The answer is yes, and you will find it in this book.

Here’s to your success!

Chinmay Ananda – Bangalore India – Australia India Business Academy