We are running a business ideas competition with an enormous benefit to the winners.
We are running this competition to provide a platform for businesses
from India and Australia to venture across respective geographical
territories if you want to give yourself the best chance of success in this competition look towards International business ideas in import /
export, professional services and IT.
We are looking for 5 winners who we will then invite to present their
winning ideas as a VIDEO elevator pitch to our panel of experts.
From this there will be two, who will receive from Dr. Steve Enticott
virtual mentoring to get your business up and running SUCCESFULLY
from setup to day to day operations.
The 3 others will receive a copy of The Man with a Plan book by             Dr. Steve Enticott to assist in furthering progress of their ideas.
PITCH your ideas as an 800-word (one page) business pitch. Any
written format is acceptable.
Why should you present your ideas to the AIBC?
– We are very successful in life and very serious in what we can do
for you.
– We have written the book on how to excel in a business start-up
– We have strategic partnerships with many businesses including
the media and with Venture capitalists