Steve Jobs was not brilliant at any one thing but good at both computing and design.  He armed his ‘intersections of talents’ with a purpose to change the world, and through Apple, he certainly did.

The key entrepreneurial message of the book is this “Success is the intersection of Talents driven by Purpose”

The man with a plan Book


Statistically 83% want to start their own business, but only 6% do… 

 “The Man with a Plan” steps you through starting up a side-gig business in-line with unearthing your unique entrepreneurial purpose.  Fulfillment, growing sources of income, exciting new opportunities, choice, financial independence and immense personal satisfaction soon follow. 

The book is filled with 23 years of accounting practice examples of others who have discovered their intersection of talents to help accelerate your plans.

Entrepreneurial Success is NOT founded on a rare, singular talent. It’s in combinations of talents.

“The Man with a Plan” entrepreneurial success is unique purpose, to find it:

  • List your top 6 talents, things you are good at (purpose is in there)
  • Re-order that list in order of passion, the most fun at the top (purpose needs fuel)
  • Entrepreneurially combine the higher ranked talents (unique intersections)

Let us begin the fulfilling side-gig journey. It’s more than a state of mind, it’s future security against change.

Dr Steven Enticott